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We research on technologies for creating the new world.


CAMP VR commercialized ‘Remote VR Survival’ for the first time in Korea and the world.

“June 2017- Successfully developed remote PvP-type VR is Survival Game for the first time in the world”

“December 2016 – Successfully developed multi-play PvE-type VR Survival Game for the 3rd time in the world”

Photos of 3D Factory Store

Company’s R&D Center

3D Factory continues researches and developments for the best pleasure and experiences of users.

60 Domestic and Overseas VR Stores


A hybrid-type 3D hologram holds the strength of ‘Automation System’ and ‘Manual Work’.
Our hologram secures competitiveness in contents conversion/production
satisfying the requirements of quality, expense, and time.

In June 2016, we successfully held “Hologram Performance of Singer Kim Kwang Seok” for the 1st time in Korea and for the 3rd time in the world. We will become a leading company for the hologram performance market in the world.

In January 2017, we cooperated with KB Securities on holding Guckkasten’s busking concert successfully. We are leading the commercialization and planning of hologram performance based on our accumulated know-how.

In November 2017, we successfully held “Hologram Concert of Singer Shin Hae Chul” by restoring with CG effects.

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