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Message from NewG Lab


Representative Director

Daewoo Park

Thank you for visiting NewG Lab homepage.

After foundation in 2004, our NewG Lab has become the no.1 company in CCTV video security field based on the best quality and differentiated design. However, we are currently facing serious treats from the overseas CCTV manufactures with competitive prices. In such situation, we found the potential for new growth in the era of new technology development. In introduction of 5G 70 times faster than 4G and advanced AI, the world is facing huge changes. In response, NewG Lab seeks to reorganize our existing video security equipment business to intelligent CCTV business.

Furthermore, we plan to promote new businesses in response to the era of 5G. First of all, we will focus on distribution of video security service and sales of mobile devices. When the network converted from 3G to LTE, tremendous amount of smart phones was sold. Considering such sales, the mobile device field would show great sales and operating profit. In addition, NewG Lab aims for expansion to 3D and VR fields based on our optical technologies. We plan to have business cooperation with top domestic companies to create promising business in the future. Based on the reorganization of business structure and promotion of new business, NewG Lab will recover the operating profit and become the solid and profitable company.

Dear stockholders and customers, the huge wave of 5G will be the new opportunity for NewG Lab. We promise to become a leading company in the era of 5G based on our passion and huge efforts for leaping forward again. NewG Lab needs your supports and encouragements.

Thank you.

Representative Director : Daewoo Park

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